Sri Lanka: Bill To Control Monks Divides Buddhists


Lotus News Analysis  by  Kalinga Seneviratne

Singapore, 20 Feb 2016:  A bill tabled in the Sri Lankan parliament in January to create a legal framework to control the behavior and conduct of Buddhist monks has created deep divisions within the majority Buddhist community in the country regarding its intentions and implementation. Continue reading “Sri Lanka: Bill To Control Monks Divides Buddhists”


China: Buddhist Revival Fuels Animal Welfare Movement


Lotus News Feature

By Kalinga Seneviratne

Singapore, 2 February 2016: A Buddhist revival in China is fuelling a growing animal welfare movement across the country with the Chinese government poised to revise the decades-old animal welfare act. Continue reading “China: Buddhist Revival Fuels Animal Welfare Movement”

Sri Lanka: Turning Anew into a Geopolitical Battle Ground

By Kalinga Seneviratne | IDN-InDepthNews Analys 29 January 2016


On January 8, 2015 when President Mahinda Rajapakse’s former Cabinet colleague Maithripala Sirisena defeated his old boss in a shock election result campaigning on heralding a non-corruptible ‘yahapalana’ (good governance) regime, people of Sri Lanka took a deep breath, some with euphoric expectations and others with fears of war and terrorism re-visiting the now peaceful island. Continue reading “Sri Lanka: Turning Anew into a Geopolitical Battle Ground”